Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)

Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)

V3.1.1 官方版

  • 2016-09-07
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blogo mac 是一款运行在Mac OS平台上的离线博客发布工具,通过 blogo for mac 可以让你在离线模式允许你写,即使你没有连接到互联网.所有的内容你创建脱机时将被保存,所以你可以发布回来就在线.

Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)官方介绍:

Blogo is a simple, powerful way to write and manage multiple blogs. Featured Worldwide as “Best New App” by Apple "Takes all the stress out of blogging” — MacWorld
"All in all, I was quite impressed with Blogo 2” — Engadget
"Must-have application for any blogger” — SoftPedia Everyone has a good story to tell. Blogo is a straightforward and user-orientated Mac app that makes it as simple as possible for you to write, publish, and manage multiple blogs. Blogo helps thousands of people around the world to achieve their best performance by writing and managing blogs more productively. You’re going to love it. ### FEATURES ### Be more focused and productive
- Clean, distraction-free interface
- Full-screen mode. Get even more immersed in your post
- Preferences panel to perfectly fit your blogging workflow
- Shortcuts for the most important actions Blogging and publishing the right way
- Support for, self-hosted WordPress 3.4+, Medium and Blogger
- List, edit and update existing or new posts, pages or drafts
- Manage multiple blogs at the same time
- Moderate comments (Approve, reject or delete)
- Custom fields support (WordPress only)
- Customize slugs, comments and pingback settings for each post A fully featured editor: Writing was never so enjoyable
- Elegant formatting bar for headings, lists, quotes, links and more
- Writing goals (characters, words, reading time) with live update
- Inline HTML. Perfect for tables, forms and html embeds
- Code block, supporting all major code languages
- Easily add "Read More" tag to your post Built-in Image Editor: Image editing and handling made easy
- Crop, resize and set aspect ratio of your images
- Adjust brightness, contrast and color temperature
- Easy Instagram-esque filters such as B&W, Sepia and Vintage
- Drag and drop placement of images with live preview
- Set "Featured Image” with 1-click (WordPress only)
- Add alt text, caption and tooltip information Live Preview: The only blog editor that smartly recognizes your theme
- Live preview always shows exactly how your post will look before publishing
- Works even when you are in "Offline Mode"
- Detachable window for multiple monitor environments Send to Blogo: An incredibly easy way of adding content to your post
- Send images, links, pages and quotes from any Website with one click
- Hassle free Web content embedding using our Safari/Chrome extension or simply “Copy and Paste
- Works with Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Getty Images, SoundCloud, Vine and more! Smart Sync with Evernote & Offline mode: Always have your blog with you
- Robust “Offline” mode with real preview, perfect for travelers
- Access your drafts from anywhere using Evernote mobile
- Choose between saving your drafts on your blog or Evernote
- Autosave with automated local backups Keep your blog content organized
- Schedule posts
- Categories and Tags
- Complete post list with integrated search
- Right-click on Post List allows you to move posts between blogs Enhanced for OS X El Capitan
- Today Widget will help you with your writing goals
- Integrated with Notification Center
- Split View ready And so much more, including our free support from a world-class Customer Support team!
### SUPPORT & FEEDBACK ### We are recognized for our support and obsession with our customers' success.
Our team wants to build the best blog editor ever created and will do it even better with your feedback. Please get in touch personally with us on Twitter, Facebook or visit the blog for the latest news:

Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)功能介绍:

Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)离线模式允许你写,即使你没有连接到互联网。所有的内容你创建脱机时将被保存,所以你可以发布回来就在线。
获取视觉和图像添加到您的帖子很容易。更好的是,使用内置的编辑器来编辑。你可以调整和作物,将过滤器应用到他们。 【3】实时预览
Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)巧妙地认识到你的主题和实时预览将始终显示如何你的帖子会三思发表它。
从任何地方访问你的草稿。Blogo Mac(博客发布工具)带给你用Evernote的完美融合,所以你可以很容易地管理,组织和检查你的想法和发布时间。


Blogo Mac(博客发布工具) 2.4.1 中的新功能
This will be a quick update! Check out what’s new: - Improvements on the Blogo’s experience for different roles on WordPress (author, editor, admin);
- Bugfixes on Mirror. In case you've missed it, here’s the good stuff we brought on our last release 2.4, The Medium Edition: - Blogo is now compatible with Medium! Publishing your awesome stories just got easier than ever. Enjoy the simplicity of Medium with the power of Blogo. - Introducing Mirrors: We’re super excited about this one. The new Mirror feature allows you to instantly replicate any post from your WordPress or Blogger blog to Medium. And this is just the beginning, with more integrations to come.