SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)

SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)

V4.1 破解版

  • 2016-10-13
  • 英文软件
  • 4分
  • 479下载

SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)是一款运行在Mac OS平台上功能强大的开发文本编辑器,SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)支持多人协同作业.软件使用非常方便,需要的朋友可以来本站免费下载最新破解版!


SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)  原价:158 下载使用激活破解版将免费使用SubEthaEdit for Mac全部功能!

SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)  破解说明

SubEthaEdit for Mac软件下载完成后,打开软件包,拖动软件【SubEthaEdit】到应用程序进行安装.安装即破解.

SubEthaEdit for Mac (文本编辑器)  官方介绍

A powerful text editor – on your own or together with friends. Introductory price! The app that started the collaborative editing revolution is back with a brand-new interface, ready for the future. Write articles, code, notes or meeting minutes with friends – wherever they are. SubEthaEdit kickstarted collaborative editing with its immediate and easy way to connect and work on text. In 2003, it won an Apple Design Award for its intuitive interface: Just add your co-workers to the document and start typing. SubEthaEdit can work without any Internet connection. Rendezvous networking makes it easy to just collaborate without the hassle of setting up connections and jumping through hoops to see each other. No complicated setup, browser or Internet required. Of course SubEthaEdit also supports collaboration over the Internet. Send invites via iMessage or Email via Mac OS X's sharing services. The app takes care of the complicated stuff like mapping network ports in your router and making the document available, leaving you able to concentrate on what matters: Your text.

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