Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)

Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)

V3.1.3 破解版

  • 2016-08-20
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Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)是一款Mac平台的浏览器缓存清除工具,大家都知道,浏览器缓存会占据电脑的不少空间,Browser Care for Mac破解 可以让你保持清洁,Browser Care for Mac 破解版 是理想的解决方案.支持对Safari.Firefox.Google Chrome.Opera进行缓存清除,定期使用浏览器缓存清除工具进行清除,我们能够为我们的电脑腾出不少的空间.


Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)  原价:¥6Browser Care for Mac破解版将免费使用全部功能!

Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)  破解说明

软件下载完成后,打开软件包,拖动软件【Browser Care】到应用程序进行安装.安装即破解.

Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)  官方介绍

The perfect app to take care of your browsers. Browser Care is an application that allows you to keep your browsers clean and under control since navigating 

accumulates files on your Mac. Browser Care provides detailed information on each item. It has everything you need to care for your browsers in the most simple manner. How much space can you recover on your Mac? Browser Care is the ideal solution.

Browser Care for Mac (浏览器缓存清除工具)  更新日志

v3.1.2版本新功能 - Stability and reliability. - Opera's improvements. - Google Chrome's improvements.