• 2018-08-22
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NK2Edit 是一款有用的邮件工具.每当在MS - Outlook中你输入一个电子邮件地址时,会自动为您提供的用户和电子邮件地址,帮助您选择相应清单.

NK2Edit 软件介绍


NK2Edit 更新日志

NK2Edit V3.37



Version 2.03

Added Unicode byte order mark to the log file, so it'll be opened properly with all text viewers/editors.

Version 2.02

Added /CurrDirExe command-line option, which changes the current directory used for all other command-line options. By default, when you specify a filename without a path (For example: NK2Edit.exe /script "myscript.txt" $default ""), NK2Edit searches the file in the current directory returned by Windows Operating system. In most cases, the current directory is where the .exe file of NK2Edit is located, but in some other cases (For example, when running NK2Edit from RunOnce Registry key), the current directory might be different.

If /CurrDirExe is specified, NK2Edit will search the file in the same folder where NK2Edit.exe is located, even if the current directory of Windows Operating system is different.