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  • 2018-06-26
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SMPlayer 让你能更方便的使用 MPlayer 的常用功能。 像选择音频或字幕轨道,启用视频过滤, 调节音频延迟,回放速度和很多其他选项,其界面友好直观。 一个完整的首选项对话框,有性能微调 改变颜色、字幕字体以及设置快捷键等功能。


(S)VCD (Super Video CD)

CDRwin’s .bin image file

DVD, including encrypted DVD


AVI file format

ASF/WMV/WMA format

QT/MOV/MP4 format

RealAudio/RealVideo format

Ogg/OGM files



NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video)

VIVO format

FLI format

NuppelVideo format

yuv4mpeg format

FILM (.cpk) format

RoQ format

PVA format


TV grabbing


MPEG-1 (VCD) and MPEG-2 (SVCD/DVD/DVB) video

MPEG-4 ASP in all variants including DivX ;-), OpenDivX (DivX4), DivX 5 (Pro), Xvid

MPEG-4 AVC aka H.264

Windows Media Video 7/8 (WMV1/2)

Windows Media Video 9 (WMV3) (using x86 DLL)

RealVideo 1.0, 2.0 (G2)

RealVideo 3.0 (RP8), 4.0 (RP9) (using Real libraries)

Sorenson v1/v3 (SVQ1/SVQ3), Cinepak, RPZA and other QuickTime codecs

DV video


Intel Indeo3 (3.1, 3.2)

Intel Indeo 4.1 and 5.0 (using x86 DLL or XAnim codecs)

VIVO 1.0, 2.0, I263 and other H.263(+) variants (using x86 DLL)

MJPEG, AVID, VCR2, ASV2 and other hardware formats



various old simple RLE-like formats



SMPlayer 支持大多数熟知的格式和编码: avi、mp4、mkv、mpeg、mov、divx、h.264… 这些您都可以播放, 这要归功于其内置的解码器。 您无需查找和安装第三方的解码器。 查看所有受支持格式的列表


SMPlayer 可以播放 Youtube 视频,有个用于搜索 Youtube 视频的可选插件。


SMPlayer 自带了几个皮肤和图标主题, 所以您可以轻松地更改播放器的外观。


SMPlayer 可以从 搜索和下载字幕。


SMPlayer 包含很多高级功能, 如视频和音频过滤器, 更改播放速度, 音频和字幕延迟的调整,视频均衡器… 等等。


SMPlayer 有超过 30 种语言可用, 其中包括西班牙语、德语、法语、意大利语、俄语、汉语、日语…


SMPlayer 可用于 Windows 和 Linux。 SMPlayer 兼容 Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8。


SMPlayer 是自由和开源的. 遵循 GPL 许可证。


SMPlayer 使用屡获殊荣的 MPlayer 作为播放引擎, 它是世界上最好的播放器之一。 了解更多

SMPlayer 已开始支持 mpv 。

改进了对 MPlayer2 的支持

SMPlayer 也支持 MPlayer2。 MPlayer2 是MPlayer 的一个分支,包含很多新特性,如: 支持MKV 的章节和精确定位,也提供bug修复 查看区别详情.


SMPlayer 18.6.0 更新日志

* On Windows 10 the key shortcuts for play next/previous left a “busy” mouse cursor on the screen. This is fixed now.

* There’s a new option in Preferences -> Playlist to choose the type of window for the playlist: dockable (as before) or just a normal window.

* The library used by the web server for the chromecast feature has been updated. It looks like the old one had several vulnerabilities so it’s recommended to update.

SMPlayer 18.5.0 更新日志

* (Windows) A problem which might prevent SMPlayer to open filenames with unicode characters has been fixed.

* Fix: the cursor keys should now work in the playlist.

* Now it’s possible to select which multimedia keys should be used as global shortcuts (Preferences -> Keyboard and mouse).

* (Windows) It seems on some systems the multimedia key events are sent twice, making some keys (like volume mute or play/pause) almost unusable. This version tries to detect it and prevent it.

* “opus” has been added to to the list of audio extensions.SMPlayer 18.4.0 更新日志

Bugfix: the time displayed by a tooltip when the mouse is over the seekbar is now much more accurate.

There’s now an option in Preferences -> Advanced to set the position of the OSD bar.

Now it’s possible to turn off the use of the system native file dialog in Preferences -> Interface.

SMPlayer 18.2.2 更新日志

* The option Open -> URL can now also load YouTube playlists.

* New option in Preferences -> Subtitles to select the opacity of the background of the subtitles (available when the “border style” is set to “opaque box”).

* The options to select the preferred number of track for audio and subtitles are back.

* (mpv) Now the direct3d is the default video output for Windows, since some users reported problems with the gpu output.

SMPlayer 18.2.0 更新日志

* Now it’s possible to use a priority list of preferred languages for the audio and subtitles.

* Now there’s support for YouTube playlists. In the playlist window, click in the Load/save icon, select “Load playlist from URL” and paste the URL of the YouTube playlist.

SMPlayer 17.11.0 更新日志

The video equalizer by software has been fixed.

The thumbnail generator is now more precise with short videos.

The audio quality of the audio equalizer has been improved.

The option “add black borders on fullscreen” has been fixed.

The option “AC3/DTS passthrough over S/PDIF” has been fixed.

SMPlayer 17.10 更新日志

The deprecated video and audio filters have been replaced with new ones.

The karaoke filter is available again.

SMPlayer 17.80 更新日志

* New audio filter for headphone optimization.