Zoner Photo Studio(编辑管理照片)

Zoner Photo Studio(编辑管理照片)

Zoner Photo Studio是一款编辑管理照片软件


  • 2018-08-09
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哪款编辑管理照片软件好用?小编分享Zoner Photo Studio绿色版,Zoner Photo Studio绿色版ZPS 让您能够更快,更容易的管理、编辑和分享您的数码照片!使用这款免费软件,它将大大减少您的工作量和难度,帮您找到处理相片的乐趣,使工作像专家一样出色。


它提供你处理数位影像的一切,支援所有数位相机图像下载,专业的自动图像编辑和图像缺陷修正,无限存档工具和图像发布选项。拥有全景向导,3D 图像向导,改善的网页图表,PDF 幻灯片,曲线工具和编辑工具。
Zoner Photo Studio 以全新的方式来管理你的照片,支援 16 位色通道,支援 GPS,能与 Photoshop 更好地协作。从获取、编辑、归档到发布,程式可以透过这整个过程来引导你处理和管理数位相片。这种“多合一”的解决方案为你提供更人性化的工作,免去从一个程序到另一个地方这样不断跳转的麻烦。
支援所有类型数码相机的图像获取,支援佳能 CRW 格式转换。


Zoner Photo Studio X:WHAT’S NEW?
The ZPS X Summer 2018 Update
This update introduces Zoner Photo Cloud—your safe and personal photo storage. Your photos are now available wherever you use ZPS X. Just log in with your Zoner Account.
The ZPS X Spring 2018 Update
In our new spring update, you’ll find faster RAW loading,
AI-powered auto-enhancement, a better interface for work with layers, and an entirely new set of preset filters.
ZPS X Winter 2017 Update
Our winter update brings you new retouching tools, a polarization filter, and significantly improved work with layers. It also makes ZPS X first in the world to fully support the HEIF format.
The ZPS X Autumn 2017 Update
This anniversary update brings a unique retouching brush, adjustment layers in the Editor, video trimming, improved tablet pressure handling, and other new features.
ZPS X Summer Update 2017
The Summer Update brings an easy way to choose between similar photos, greatly improved clarity tool, more sharing options and much more.
ZPS X Spring Update 2017
The Spring Update brings you selective edits in Develop, a Refine Edge tool in the Editor, redesigned automatic edits, and many other new improvements!
ZPS X Winter 2016 Update
Discover new exposure-editing features, major improvements to work with layers, and more in this pre-Christmas update.
ZPS X Release
The release of our latest version, Zoner Photo Studio X, with layers support.


Zoner Photo Studio是一款编辑管理照片软件,本站提供Zoner Photo Studio电脑版免费下载。