OFFICE办公软件(LibreOffice) x64

OFFICE办公软件(LibreOffice) x64


  • 2018-12-19
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OFFICE办公软件(LibreOffice)是一个全功能的办公套件,OFFICE办公软件(LibreOffice)是免费开源支持Windows,Linux,MacOS X (X11),和 Solaris 等操作系统上执行。OFFICE办公软件(LibreOffice)包包含6大组件:文字处理(word),计算表(Excel),简报(PowerPoint),公式,绘图,资料库(access)。




LibreOffice 是一套可与其他主要办公室软件相容的套件,包含6大组件:文本文档【文字处理(word)】,电子表格【计算表(Excel)】,演示文稿【简报(PowerPoint)】,公式,绘图,资料库【access】,具体名称为:


LibreOffice 能够与 Microsoft Office 系列以及其它开源办公软件深度兼容,且支持的文档格式相当全面。
1、文本文档:*.odm, *.sgl, *.odt,*.ott, *.sxw, *.stw, *.fodt, *.xml, *.docx,*.docm, *.dotx, *.dotm, *.doc, *.dot, *.wps, *.pdb, *.hwp, *.html, *.htm, *.lwp, *.psw, *.rft, *.sdw, *.vor, *.txt, *.wpd ,*.oth.
2、电子表格:*.ods, *.ots, *.sxc, *.stc, *.fods, *.xml, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx, *.xl***, *.xls, *.xlc, *.xlm, *.xlw, *.xlk, *.sdc, *.vor, *.dif,*.wk1, *.wks, *.123, *.pxl, *.wb2, *.csv.
3、演示文稿:*.odp, *.otp, *.sti, *.sxd, *.fodp, *.xml, *.PPTx, *.PPTm, *.ppsx, *.potm, *.potx, *.PPT, *.pps, *.pot, *.sdd, *.vor, *.sdp.
4、绘图:*.odg, *.otg, *.sxd, *.std, *.sgv,*.sda, *.vor, *.sdd, *.cdr, *.svg, *.vsd, *.vst
5、网页:*.html, *.htm, *.stw
7、公式:*.odf, *.sxm, *.smf, *.mml
8、数据库文档:*. odb



This is the first release of the 5.1.x branch of LibreOffice which contains new features and program enhancements. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users. This version may contain a few annoying bugs which will be fixed in the next bugfix versions to come. Detailed release notes can be accessed from the list below.

In case of problems on Windows related to OpenGL rendering, you can disable it completely by applying a registry setting (only needed if LibreOffice crashes on startup, otherwise you can disable it in Tools|Options → LibreOffice → View). You can find the necessary fragment in bugzilla (save with a .reg file extension, then you can double-click on the file to apply the change)

Mac OS X: Please start LibreOffice at least once before installing a LangaugePack.

1 About this page

2 Writer

3 Calc

3.1 Formula engine

3.1.1 Table structured references

3.1.2 Sticky end column/row anchors

3.1.3 Compatibility with ODF 1.2

4 Impress and Draw

4.1 Impress Mode selection

4.2 Slide Design

4.3 Equalize Width/Height

4.4 Save Background Image

4.5 View/Edit Control Points

4.6 Presenter Console

4.7 OpenGL Transitions

5 Math

5.1 Import MathML from Clipboard

6 Base

7 Chart

7.1 Trend Line

8 Core

8.1 Unicode character input with Alt+X

8.2 WebDav Improvements

9 Options / General

10 Filters

10.1 New import filters

10.2 Improvements in OpenXML filter

10.3 Improvements in MS Visio filter

10.4 Improvements in CorelDRAW filter

11 GUI

11.1 Reorganization of the menus

11.2 Remote Files Dialog

11.3 Sidebar

11.4 AutoCorrect context menu

11.5 Spelling Dialog

11.6 Linux/Gtk

12 Localization

12.1 New languages/locales with locale data

12.2 Improvements to proofing tools and language support

13 Performance

13.1 Calc

14 Scripting: Python and Basic

14.1 Make PyUNO provide more Pythonic behaviour (Matthew J. Francis)

14.2 Access2Base updated

14.3 Easy access to Online Documentation of LibreOffice API

15 Feature removal / deprecation

16 API changes

16.1 Removed configuration options

16.2 Java UNO language binding

16.3 UNO API changes

16.4 Dispatch commands

17 Platform compatibility

17.1 OS X

17.2 Android