ReNamer Pro(文件重命名工具)

ReNamer Pro(文件重命名工具)

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  • 2018-07-03
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ReNamer是一款小巧但功能强悍的免费文件更名软件,支持所有标准更名:改前缀、改后缀、替换、大小写转换、删除符号、添加数字序号、删除数字、字符等,此外还能定制更名规则,设置保存批处理操作,支持Meta Tags : ID3v1, ID3v2, EXIF等。


ReNamer Pro 6.2 是一个非常强大和灵活的文件重命名工具,它提供了所有标准的重命名程序,包括前缀,后缀,替换,变更情况,以及括号内的内容删除,添加数字序列,改变文件扩展名,等等。对于高级用户有一个 PascalScript 规则,它让用户编写他们自己的重命名规则。

ReNamer Pro 6.2 允许您将多个重命名操作相结合的规则集,将每个动作的逻辑顺序,可以保存,加载,并在程序中进行管理。此外,它具有重命名文件夹的能力,处理正则表达式,Unicode的能力,并且支持多种meta标签,如:的ID3v1,ID3v2的,EXIF,OLE,AVI,MD5,CRC32,和SHA1。


ReNamer Pro 6.9.0 更改日志

* Implemented rule comments, editable via rules context menu.

* Enhanced storage path resolution with new path tags and handling of multiple path tags.

* Major code refactoring to improve automation and unit testing capabilities.

* Decoupled renaming rules from the visual components.

* Refactored renaming rule structures and management Operations.

* Refactored file signature structures and management Operations.

* Added a dialog for manually entering file paths for renaming.

* Added various unit tests, including unit tests for some renaming rules.

* Remove all files more efficiently than one-by-one when all files match the clearing criteria.

* Efficiency improvements for files table clearing Operations.

* Efficiency improvements for performing shell actions on files.

* Added “How to translate” link to the Languages menu.

* Find application language file independently of the executable file name.

* Perform a fast clearing of files tables when closing the application.

* Converted action buttons in the Pascal Script window to a toolbar. Better handling of long localized text.

* Changed the Z-order of controls in the Delete rule window. Avoid awkward overlapping with long localized text.

* Forbid the use of empty folder when creating preset links. Avoid an error.

* Added Dutch language file.

* Added Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) language file. Thanks to 冰霧神域.

* Updated French language file.

* Updated Chinese Simplified language file. Thanks to WanderMax.

* Updated German language file. Thanks to Kevin Scheitler.

* Updated Serbian language file. Thanks to Никола Алексић.

* Updated Russian language file.

* Internal refactoring.

ReNamer Pro Beta (2017-11-15)

* Optimized files table clearing Operation. Clearing all files is significantly faster now.

* Refactored files table import Operation.

ReNamer Pro Beta (2017-02-23)

* Strip surrounding white space characters from EXIF Make, Model and Description tags.

* Display fractional part in “Size KB” and “Size MB” columns in the files table.

* Format file size and torrent size meta tags using locale symbols and 2 fractional digits.

* Added “Torrent_TotalSize”, “File_Size” and “File_SizeGB” meta tags.

* Improved routines for number formatting based on locale settings.

* Updated bundled User Manual (PDF file).

* Updated Serbian language file. Thanks to Никола Алексић (eR@SeR).

* Updated Russian language file.

ReNamer Pro v6.6.0

brings a new renaming rule and few other useful features.

Here is the summary of most notable changes:

Added a new “Padding” rule, used for adding and removing zero padding in number sequences. No more need to use clunky regular expressions for this common task.

Implemented an {$INCLUDE} directive in PascalScript, which allows sharing and linking together multiple source code files. A common use case is to have a collection of useful routines in a single easily maintainable file, which can now be easily included in your everyday scripts.

Added Czech translation file. Thanks to Lukas Kucera.

Full list of changes:

* Added a new “Padding” rule, used for adding and removing zero padding in number sequences.

* Increased height of the Add Rule dialog to fit an extra rule.

* Added “Export paths to clipboard” option.

* Fixed incorrect replacement of consecutive “Find” parts. Regression introduced in v6.3.0.3.

* Other small improvements.

* Handle included files with full paths in PascalScript.

* Improved error message when an include file is not found in PascalScript.

* Changed shortcut in PascalScript editor for deleting the current word from Ctrl+T to Ctrl+W, to avoid collision with the shortcut for “Try to Compile” button.

* Added an example script to demonstrate the use of {$INCLUDE} directive in PascalScript.

* Added Czech translation file. Thanks to Lukas Kucera.

* Updated Russian language file.

* Implemented an include directive in PascalScript, i.e. “{$I filename.pas}”.

* Fixed incorrect display of local Unicode thousand separator.


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